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Have you wondered if you want to get into InfoSec management and do less technical work and more of growing a team and building programs? Can you go back to doing technical work after being a manager? Wait…how do I even get into management in the first place?

These are things that I battled with for a while before taking the plunge into management. There are things that I thought about and a lot of things I did not think about which I found out eventually. In this presentation I hope to talk about my journey from an Individual-Contributor to a Senior Manager over 8 years and discuss some of the things like job expectations, challenges, growth, mindset of an infosec manager which hopefully will help you make a decision on which route you might want to consider in your career.

Yash oversees the Product Security Org at Twilio Inc. Prior to Twilio he was working to help secure Box. He has been working in security for almost a decade, working in a variety of roles ranging from consulting to enterprise product security teams.

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