ShellCon is Oct 8-9

ShellCon 2020 is Oct 8-9

ShellCon is an information security conference that is held annually in the beautiful beach cities of Los Angeles. Our conference is a growing event that creates an atmosphere of open communication, collaboration, and connection. We value community, technical knowledge, and getting your hands dirty. Presentations and events at the con will have a focus on practicality and real-world applications. We want you to walk away from ShellCon with an itch to try what you just learned and the knowledge to do so.

Welcome Aboard


ShellCon 2021 is finally here! Welcome aboard!

All of the details to access our content is available on our Venue page. But at a minimum, be sure to check out our YouTube channel, connect to our Discord Server, and check out our Twitch Channel after the talks end for the day.

Welcome aboard. Click here to set sail



T-Shirts are finally available! Click the image below to order yours today! The shirts will only be available until 10/10, and then the group order form will close. The shirts will then be printed and shipped by Custom Ink, and your order should reach you by the end of October.

ShellCon 2021 T-Shirt

ShellCon 2021 Registration



Registration is now open for ShellCon 2021. Visit our Registration Page for more info.


Additionally, if you’re interested in participating in our hands-on workshops, you’ll need to sign up on the Registration Page. Due to the limited capacity of the the workshops, a small fee is needed to secure your spot.


We’ll start publishing all of our talks soon. You’ll be able to find them on the Talks page. We’ll publish the finalized schedule soon!


We’ll have a custom ShellCon 2021 T-Shirt available over on CustomInk soon. Stay tuned!

Discord Server

If you haven’t yet joined our new ShellCon Community Discord server, we hope that you’ll join the conversation!

New Discord Server for ShellCon Community


Today, we’re opening up a new Discord server (ShellCon Community) that will serve as a year-round place to connect and chat. This server will be permanent regardless of whether future ShellCons are in person or virtual.

The original Discord server (ShellCon 2020) will be changed to read-only to serve as an archive for last year’s ShellCon.

There will also be another new Discord server (ShellCon 2021) that will open up shortly before October 8th. This is where the majority of ShellCon 2021 will take place, similar to last year. The 2021 server will stay open for discussion for a while after this year is complete, but will also eventually be archived.

Stay tuned for more info!

2021 Announcement


We are excited to announce that ShellCon will be held October 8-9, in an all-virtual, online format.

The main talks will be streamed for free for all to enjoy. We’re still evaluating all of the ways that we can bring incredible content to our community.

The CFP will open 7/12, so get those talks ready, and we look forward to another to another successful year!

We’re not quite ready to open up registration for ShellCon at this time. As everything will be online, we’re looking to make as much content as possible available for free. Some content such as workshops will have limited capacity and may have a small fee to secure your spot.

Follow us on social media to stay on top of all of our announcements as we finalize the plans for this year!

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