The Hacker Village is a vital part of any infosec conference, and ShellCon is no exception! Our villages are place for attendees to try their hand at new skills, make new friends, or take the top spot in a competition. The main areas of the Hacker Village are listed below, but be sure to check out all of the tables and booths to see what they have going on!

Capture The Flag

Capture The Flag

This year expect more chaos, mayhem, and clever puzzles in the CTF hosted by our friendly hacker community. Challenges will include reverse engineering, cryptography, web app exploits, and more. The top ranked teams will win prizes!

Prizes sponsored by Pentester Lab and No Starch Press.



Welcome, prospective lockpicker! Ever wondered how locks work, how they’re picked, and what makes the difference between a good lock and a bad one?

We’ll be more than happy to show you! Come and join us from Oct 8th, in the Lockpicking Village channels on the ShellCon 2021 Discord server, where we’ll be giving our best tips to help beginners get into the wonderful world of locksport!

We highly recommend ordering some tools ahead of time, so that you can join in with the fun (although they’re not mandatory!). Check out our list of recommended retailers below, and try to find at least a “hook” and a “tensioner” so you can dive right in with us at Shellcon.

If you would like to have a practice lock that allows you to easily change the pins without too much fuss, there are several options available from retailers.

FRIDAY: Speaker Talk
11:00 Edoc Dab “Lockpicking Fundamentals”
12:00 YakMedic “How To Design and Construct a Rekeyable Practice Lock. (CAD->Print->Pick)”
13:00 Deadlocks “Off The Cuff. A Crash Course In Cuff Escapes”
14:00 Nigel Tolley “Aspects of Lever Locks”
15:00 YakMedic “Introduction to Impressioning”
16:00 LockpickingDev “Making Custom Lock Picks”
SATURDAY: Speaker Talk
11:00 Idanhurja “Hand Made Tools for Disc Detainer Locks”
12:00 Jos Weyers “Impressioning and Decoding the Master Key “
13:00 GravityKarma “A Tour of The NATO Mersey Locks”
14:00 MidnightPhilopicker “Advanced Lock Picking”
15:00 Snow “Picking the Assa Twin 6000 (w/ gins)”

Schedule of lockpicking village

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