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“I didn’t know this could be a job!”

I hear that from nearly ever security engineer I’ve worked with. Whether they’re straight out of college or a seasoned engineer switching to security we all love this work so much it doesn’t feel like a job.

People say finding great security engineers is like finding a unicorn, a great engineer demonstrates excellent technical and communication skills, and an unending well of passion for the industry. Can we be more specific on what we’re looking for?

There are hundreds of resources dedicated to helping the next generation of security engineers establish their new career. This talk will help you know what to focus on.

We’ll explore the differences between being part of a product security team vs. a security consulting firm. I’ll also help you identify the expectations of the industry in both the technical and non-technical.

I will demonstrate in this talk that anybody with passion and dedication who understands the malicious mindset can find an awesome, rewarding role in security.

I’ve personally managed and hired more than 100 security engineers. My biggest passion is introducing people from every background to security.

Joe has worked in the security industry for nearly two decades. He currently leads the ProdSec team at Highspot. Before tackling challenges of a rapidly growing startup he helped reduce risk for hundreds of other companies as the SVP of Engineering at a security consulting firm.

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