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  • Track: Main Channel: Friday 10/08 @ 1000-1055 PDT

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the new buzzwords in the industry. At present days, it has been widely used for analytics purposes and defensive mechanisms like detecting anomalies, raising alerts, etc. But what people are not aware of is its huge potential to be used as an offensive mechanism and another weapon in the toolkit of pentesters and red teams. In fact, proper implementation of such techniques can even eliminate the need for having red teams. Using AI, one can replace the need of human beings and can trigger attacks in a fully automated manner. Although it sounds a little futuristic, the truth is it is possible to build an AI BOT army as penetration testers to trigger comprehensive offensive attacks.

This talk is about how to apply various techniques of AI/ML into advanced cybersecurity use cases.

Here we will talk about various categories of use cases:

  • Offensive attacks using AI
  • Bypass authentication systems using AI
  • Trigger social engineering attacks using AI
  • How to attack various AI based systems

Tamaghna Basu, CEO of DeTaSECURE, a research-oriented company to bring innovation into cybersecurity. He is an international speaker, mentor, advisor with almost two decades of experience. He is an expert in AI/ML, product security, OSINT, cyber warfare etc. with certifications like OSCP, GCIH, RHCE, CEH, ECSA etc.

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