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  • Track: RaiseMe Channel: Friday 10/09 @ 1300-1355 PDT

Leaders are shaped and challenged constantly. Patience and perseverance are what make them considered great. Our community needs mentors and mentees badly. Also, each needs the other and picking the right pairings are important.

How do you become a mentor, a mentee, or both? We’ll discuss how to pick the right role and person. We’ll take a look at how volunteering can present both opportunities and obstacles to becoming a good leader. We’ll look at the cost of burnout and timing for moving on to the next role.

@BSidesSATX coordinator. @BSidesLV AV Staff. IAM practitioner. #InfoSec #podcast host, photographer, videographer.

Working in the field of Digital Identity since 2002, SciaticNerd is actively involved in the San Antonio InfoSec community, attending and contributing to SAHA and other local groups and diligently working to promote involvement with computing, security, and...

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