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Stuck in a bit of a career rut? Perhaps it’s time for you to explore where bits and bytes meet flesh and blood- the fast paced and dynamic world of healthcare security. From insulin pumps to electronic medical records, from pacemakers to PACS systems, modern healthcare is dependent on the same connected technologies that permeate every other aspect of our lives- but the sector is drastically lacking the security talent enjoyed by other industries. The congressionally mandated HHS Healthcare Cybersecurity Task Force of 2017 estimated that most medical facilities across the country lack even a single full time security professional- that’s a lot of patients who need protecting. Join quaddi and r3plicant, physicians by day, hackers by night, as they give you an overview of the operational needs of this space, describe the perspective needed to succeed in healthcare, explore the conundrum between best practices and standard practices and how that may lead to tension between clinicians, administrators, and security professionals, and how you can literally use your skills to save lives.

Christian Dameff is an Emergency Medicine Physician and Researcher. He is currently a Clinical Informatics Fellow at the University of California, San Diego. Dameff is also an ethical hacker and security researcher interested in the intersection of healthcare, patient safety and cybersecurity. He has previously spoken at RSAC, Black Hat,...

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Jeff Tully is an Anesthesiologist, Pediatrician and Security Researcher with an interest in understanding the ever-growing intersections between healthcare and technology. Prior to medical school he worked on hacking the genetic code of Salmonella bacteria to create anti-cancer tools, and throughout medical training has remained involved in the conversations and...

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