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  • Track: RaiseMe Channel: Saturday 10/10 @ 1230-1255 PDT

Supporting under-represented minorities in infosec, including BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), members of the LGBTQ2IA community, neurodiverse people, and disabled people typically looks like creating physical spaces for fostering dialogue or running live events with diverse representation. Unfortunately with wide scale work-from-home requirements and social distancing in place, it can be harder to show up for these communities in a time when they might need it most. This talk will offer practical guidance that can be immediately implemented to create more inclusive environments.

Red (she/they) has been in InfoSec for 5 years and has a wide range of experience in security, from pen testing to developing policy and risk management programs. They are passionate about making space for underrepresented minorities in tech and fighting the patriarchy, and can be seen volunteering for various...

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