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Wireless devices are becoming exceedingly prevalent in our homes and offices. Many companies are making a switch to wire-free workplaces for the sake of convenience and cost. But how safe are these devices and connections, and how do hackers go about breaking into wireless systems? This course will explore some basic concepts of radio frequencies and associated wireless security topics through a lightning series of content presentation, demos, and hands-on labs. If you bought that Alfa card but haven’t got around to learning how to use it yet, this is the class for you. We will cover exploits for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, and 2.4 GHz wireless mice, along with exploring software defined radio and topics for further individual research.

Course Requirements:

  • Laptop (recommend running Windows bare-metal, with VMware and enough disk space / memory for a virtual instance of Kali)
  • iOS or Android mobile device with the free nRF Connect application installed

Someone without any special equipment should still gain a deep perspective on the topics to be covered however the following equipment will be useful:

  • Wi-Fi: Wireless adapter capable of packet injection and monitor mode (recommend Alfa awus036ach)
  • BLE: Nordic NRF52840-DONGLE, Optional Ubertooth One
  • 2.4 HID: Nordic NRF52840-DONGLE (recommend having a second dongle since the reflashing process may limit device functionality)
  • Optional: CrazyRadio PA dongle
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