• Track C: Saturday 1300-1700

Hands-on exercise setting up a lab for stimulus-response based alert writing using the free version of Splunk as a SIEM. Includes installation of Splunk log forwarder, Splunk Enterprise GUI console, log forwarding configuration, log normalization, stimulus-response activities, log review, and alert writing. Methodology good for Blue Teams looking to build alerts based on actual attack output; good for Red Teams looking to understand the output from their activities.


VirtualBox VMs will be provided with networking pre-configured. Hands-on familiarity with basic *nix command line strongly encouraged. Enough CPU/RAM to support at least 1 VM, either *nix or Windows, whichever is least similar to the host OS.

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Mary Cordova has worked in the threat detection and response space for various industry leaders in gaming, media, and entertainment. She lurks around several L.A. based infosec communities.

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