• Track D: Saturday 1300-1700

This is Studly McBeefy’s and Beefy McStudly’s PowerShell workshop. The aim of this workshop is to get you competent in PowerShell quickly. There are no quirky gimmicks or “master class” shenaniganry here. Our approach is simple; we’ll walk through a bunch of things you should know and see what happens. If you’re the curious type you’ll dig deeper in each area on your own. If not, you should still be able to fumble though quite a bit. At the end of it all you should be able to read a lot of the PowerShell out there, and be able to churn out simple code to accomplish a wide range of tasks.

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Pookiebear is an Incident Responder at a leading healthcare provider. He has several years of experience using scripting to solve business, technology, and operational problems.

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StudlyBeefyMcBeefyStudly is many things — DEF CON Goon, Chaotic Neutral Troublemaking Aficionado, Fornax Coversapien, Principal Systems Engineer, Raging Alcoholic, Firestarter… The list goes on. They have spent nearly 20 years... Read More

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