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Competitions are everywhere in cyber security, but have you ever wondered what it takes to create one? This talk covers the challenges of creating an exciting competition that helps people develop skills and covers the challenges faced in building infrastructure to support competitions. We will primarily be covering CCDC competitions (Collegiate Cyber Defense Competitions) but we will also cover capture the flag competitions through the lens of a competition organizer and the challenges faced. If you are interested in competing in or want to help put together an competition, this talk is for you.

Wasabi is a security researcher who dabbles in the arts of system administration. He participated in CCDC, CPTC, and many CTFs as a competitor before starting to help organize cyber... Read More

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Bluescreenofwin is a Windows System Administrator and Windows hacker. He is currently employed as a Security Analyst and when he is not drowning in logs he can be found brewing... Read More

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