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We’ve all heard of the shell, and we’ve all used it at least a little bit. But what IS a shell, really? What makes shell scripting fundamentally different from any other programming language? What really happens when you type a command into your shell–and how does this relate to the mistake found in over 50% of production shell scripts? Attend this talk, demystify the shell and learn to use it right!

This presentation will give particular attention to security, such as dangers of globbing and dangers of unquoted variables. The instructor will also take questions- adjusting to the skill level of attendees, each class can go deep and will be unique.

Vertical Sysadmin, Inc.

Mike Weilgart has loved maths and computers all his life. He worked in a variety of positions including software QA, calculus teacher, and graphic design, before resolving to put his... Read More

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