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The Infosec industry is an eccentric field, and you may have found that following standard job placement advice has you in a stall. Whether you’re a security professional looking for a new situation, or just trying to break in, we’ll work with you in real time on your resume language and your job hunting situation, and you’ll get group feedback and support. We’ll also tell you about the job hunting dogma you need to avoid. Some of the people who have met in these groups stay in contact with each other long after the event is over, and return to give us good news about progress in their careers.

Lori joined her first Internet startup as a senior system administrator. When that company went public, she was hooked, and helping smaller firms prevail against well established rivals has been... Read More

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Merissa Villalobos, has been a Cybersecurity Recruitment professional for over 10 years and she has built a national Talent Acquisition department from the ground up, managed a global recruiting team... Read More

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