Emily Chance

OSINT for Pen Tests Emily is a consultant with moderately good OSINT skills and incredibly poor bio-writing skills. When not staring at text boxes wondering what to write, she watches horror movies or musicals with her dog and attempts to find more ways to automate her job. Twitter: g_solaria […]

Prajakta Jagdale

Some Teams Are Red, Others Are Blue, But Purple Ones Are the Best Value As the Lead Red Team Engineer at Palo Alto Networks, Prajakta Jagdale (PJ) is an information security expert who is focused on ensuring the security of the company’s infrastructure. Her red teaming success can be attributed to the 7+ years she […]

Ben Sadeghipour

It’s the little things that matter Ben is a Technical Account Manager at HackerOne, the #1 most popular bug bounty platform, by day and a hacker by night. Prior to joining HackerOne he has helped identify and exploit over 500 security vulnerabilities across 100s of web and mobile applications for companies such as Yahoo, Airbnb, […]

Cara Marie & Andy Cooper

All Your Browser Secrets Belongs to Us — Post-Exploitation Browser Secret Extraction Cara has been traveling the world breaking networks, applications, and protocols professionally for over 5 years. Currently, she is a Security Engineer at Datadog working on building out their offensive security. When she isn’t breaking networks, building bombs (https://bomb.codes), or giving talks (Blackhat, […]

Jason Ritzke

S3top the madness: avoiding being the next AWS bucket leak statistic Jason Ritzke is a nice guy who works for a company called Taos helping people and companies get more out of their computers and themselves. He specializes in orchestrating secure, effective, and meaningful deployments of open-source software that help businesses and individuals achieve their […]

Brett Chance

Buggy Mobile Applications – From Leaky APIs To Account Takeover By day, Brett Chance is a member of a red team where he continues to hone his skills that often result in sysadmin tears. When the sun goes down you can find him performing security research that centers around web apps, mobile apps and security […]

David Bryan

You did what with SHA1 again? David M. N. Bryan is the Senior Managing Consultant in charge of Technology with X-Force Red – IBM’s elite security testing team. His responsibilities include establishing standardized tool sets and environments for project delivery and delivering on pentest projects. David has over 16 years of professional Information Security experience […]

Chris Bad2Beef

Practical Implants for Windows in PowerShell Chris is a Chaotic Neutral Troublemaking Aficionado. They know more than they may say, but less than you may think. Chris does _____ with computers and doesn’t represent anyone, not even themself. Twitter: bad2beef […]

CryptoCurrency Village at ShellCon!

Have you thought about buying or mining a CryptoCurrency, but you weren’t sure where to start? The hacking village at ShellCon has you covered! Join us for a day of exploring a variety of different currencies and the pros and cons of each. Not sure you’re ready to dive into the world of mining, but […]

Sorry about that confusing RSVP email!

Only General Attendees are being asked to RSVP, VIP ticket holders can safely ignore this message. Please follow the process below to RSVP. 1. Click the green “Yes” button in the RSVP email you received titled “Action needed! RSVP ShellCon 2017 (Oct 19, 2017)”   2. Click “Yes” on the RSVP page 3. You are […]

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