Month: September 2017

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Looking forward to seeing everyone at the con!

Come join us in the long standing tradition of breaking and reversing poorly designed consumer devices! The Internet of Things village at ShellCon is pleased to present a variety of wireless and IoT toys to play with and attack. We will have a model house set up with devices you might find around the modern smart home. Lights, egg counters, cameras and more! We will also be providing a wide variety of wireless injection and sniffing tools for you to experiment with. Find the next big IoT 0-day!

Vyrus is going to blow our minds yet again. Interested in long term intelligence gathering? You will want to check this out.

Vyrus may or may not have begun his offensive security training in early childhood through a series of allegedly criminal acts for a hacker collective still active on the internet today. Over the last approximately 2 decades these experiences have expressed themselves through participation within a variety of both independent, as well as corporate; technically legal information security professions. While the specific nature of many of these professions has yet to be disclosed, the professional skills Vyrus has been known to utilize throughout employment include but are not limited to: reverse engineering, penetration testing, “red teaming”, security controls analysis, proof of concept malware development, incident response, implant development, exploit development, long term electronic surveillance, traffic analysis, complex systems risk analysis, many forms of wireless security, hardware security assessment, and general IT solution development & support.

We are excited to announce that our Keynote will be Amanda Rousseau aka (@malwareunicorn)!

Amanda Rousseau

Amanda absolutely loves malware. She works as a Senior Malware Researcher at Endgame who focuses on dynamic behavior detection both on Windows and OSX platforms. She worked as a malware researcher at FireEye before joining Endgame. She previously worked a reverse engineer and computer forensic examiner working for DoD forensic investigations and commercial incident response engagements. She received her MS in Information Systems Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. Research interests include malware evasion techniques, dynamic behavior classification, and developing runtime detections.

To learn more about Amanda and follow her work check the links below:

Twitter: @malwareunicorn
Business Insider article: My Job Is To Think About Cyber Attacks

Keep an eye on the news here or @shellc0n for more upcoming announcements!



DC562 and ShellCon are proud to present the inagural ShellCon CTF. Taking place concurrent with ShellCon on October 19th, 2017, the ShellCon CTF will be a Jeopardy-style event with InfoSec-related challenges from a variety of disciplines, from web hacking to reversing to cryptography. There may potentially even be physical challenges, situations permitting.

The Details

  • When? : October 19th, 2017
  • No, what time you moron : 1000 PDT to 1800 PDT
  • Expertise required : There will be challenges for a variety of skill levels across multiple disciplines. Absolute beginners may struggle however, and organizers will not be allowed to provide substantive assistance. Accordingly if you are a beginner you should consider training with some challenge sites such as OverTheWire
  • Can I participate remotely? : No, you cannot. The venue does not have any internet access, which would make remote participation challenging
  • How will I connect: Over local WiFi. make sure your system has that ability

Wait, no internet? How will I solve challenges?

With your WITS. That and a vanilla install of Kali Linux.


We will also provide clones of certain pertinent online documentation, so we don’t intend on depriving you of absolutely every resource. However the lack of connectivity will definitely present its own unique complexities.

It is our intent that every challenge be solvable with the tools most commonly in your toolbelt, and a little bit of know-how. Accordingly there will be no challenges requiring special tools (though some may require you to write custom tools)…


We do recommend bringing a set of lockpicks if you have them. We don’t guarantee that they’ll be useful, but they might be.

Train up, we’ll see you on the 19th.

~ Rtzq0, Kyeho, and the DC562 Crew.